Welcome to Our Coating Services!

What is Cerakote?


Cerakote is a thin-film protective coating that once cured via oven or air, provides increased abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance and is the highest performing thin film coating on the market today.

Why We Do What We Do


 Firearms...They are a staple to the United States Constitution. Protected by the 2nd Amendment they are an investment to our freedom. 

What People Are Saying


Our customers are why we do what we do. When we see the smile on their face and the overwhelming joy they get...That is why we do what we do!

What Colors Are Available?


NIC Industries, the creators of Cerakote  offer a wide range of colors. Please visit them at  https://www.cerakote.com/finishes/  to look at the offered colors and view the gallery to see other projects for some ideas!

Add A Touch of BLING!


Make your project POP by adding some Gun Candy to it! What is Gun Candy you ask? It is a metallic additive that we can apply during our coating process to make your project a one of a kind!

Why Stop at Coating It!


Do you have an image that you are fond of? Let us laser engrave it onto your project and hear people say...WHAT!!!!!

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